First Edition Of “Ascension” Is Sold! Limited Edition of 10

A cavity of light… alertness of seeing… of being… then death… it is the suchness of life..

A natural environment for GarrettAndrewChong artwork: Ascension (Limited Edition 2 of 10) to a Port Moody collector; acquired in the 2018 Eastside #culturecrawl 

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Arash Emamy photo of painter John Steil and collector Eileen M. reviewing “Ascension”. We were honoured to  donate $60.00 to the #DEWC – Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Artwork Details:

Locations:Antelope Canyon, USA with Tree Stump, Brandywine Falls, Canada
Year: 2017
Size: 48 x 19.5 in. (w x h).
Materials: Photographic Collage Imprinted on Metal with UV Lamination and 2″ Float Mount.

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