First And Second Editions Of “Ethereal” Are Sold! Limited Edition of 10

Graceful beauty towers high above, breathing freedom from thought. Scared places in surreal landscapes, resting spaces from nature’s forces, traces of everlasting peace.

Sleeping Dog high above sea level at Rainbow Mountain the Sacred Valley, Peru. The small image, one of our teachers Lindsay Samuels at Hridaya Yoga in Prayer Pose with a Festival Ride (left), Breath Air into this piece: Ethereal, 2018.

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We shared an transformative experience with a wonderful and aware group of global citizens including: Karin Nyberg, Will Allen, Annasor Annasor Dnulretsö, Xavier Carayon and so many more. — with Will Allen, Brenda Finamore, Patricia Garcia, Penélope Loya, Steven C. Smith and Sean Mathes at Mazunte, Oaxaca.

< Sold to Two Collectors in Greater Vancouver Area

Artwork Details:

Locations: Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley, Peru. Playland, Vancouver Canada
Year: 2018
Size: 48 x 19 in. (w x h).
Materials: Photographic Collage Imprinted on Metal with UV Lamination and 2″ Float Mount.

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